"Investing in a lot of high-tech equipment won't make you a good clinician, but you can't maintain excellence without it. Keeping up with technology is an ongoing investment that will benefit you and your patients." Dr. Toohey is committed to continuing education, giving his clients the benefits of proven technology and newer procedures.

Some of these include:
THE WAND (Computer Controlled Anesthetic Delivery System):
"…and I didn’t have to get a needle”
We began hearing this statement frequently after integrating The Wand into our practice. It allows us to deliver dental anesthesia almost painlessly. The computer delivers a subtle flow of anesthetic directly in front of the needle, numbing the area before the needle tip passes through, while a microprocessor automatically compensates for differences in tissue density. Our experience has been that injections are far more comfortable and that subsequent discomfort and stiffness around the injections site is dramatically reduced.
Frequently many stains that appear innocent to the human eye are in fact advanced dental decay. Furthermore, these cavities may not be apparent on dental X- rays. The Diagnodent emits a low-energy beam that senses changes in tooth density and gives a digital readout relating to the extent of decay penetration. This instrument facilitates early detection and conservative intervention.
This is a wonderful instrument for reshaping gums by removing excess tissue. Often referred to as a gum lift, this short procedure can have dramatic results, making short stubby teeth appear longer simply by exposing more of the tooth. Many clients are thrilled with the effectiveness of the soft tissue laser in treating cold sores. If caught at the "tingly" phase, a painless 2-minute zap usually prevents cold sores from breaking out, with no freezing required .
We welcome a new era in dental technology and comfort.
We are pleased to offer both home and in-office whitening. Imagine having a brighter
We are pleased to offer both home and in-office whitening. Imagine having a brighter smile in one hour. This can be achieved with Zoom2, an in-office, light-activated whitening system. You will also get a set of home whitening trays so that you can touch up or maintain dazzling results.
"What the eye can see, the hand can perform."
We are one of the few GP offices in Alberta to integrate this technology. Traditionally used for specialty microsurgery, the applications to dentistry are numerous and exciting. Providing up to 20X magnification with superior illumination, the surgical microscope facilitates superior detailing of preparations, location of calcified or "hidden" canals in root canal treatment and helps diagnose and evaluate lab work for precision fit.
Have you ever wondered what your smile might look like with whiter teeth, no more gaps, straight teeth or less gum tissue? Now we can show you prior to initiating any treatment with advanced computer imaging software. This provides a wonderful opportunity for us to understand your desired changes and for you to contribute to the design of your new smile. If you have been contemplating enhancing your smile, be sure to inquire about computer imaging. There is no charge for this service. You can even take the results home with you!


After Computer Imaging

Digital radiography allows us to take radiographs that consistently provide excellent image quality with up to 85% less radiation than standard films. In addition, we are able to zoom in on areas of concern and manipulate the images to enhance diagnostic capabilities.
Dr. Toohey claims it would be impossible to complete any current esthetic or major restorative treatment without a great digital camera. It is invaluable for esthetic evaluation and treatment planning, as well as allowing us to understand our clients' wishes. Furthermore, evaluating post-treatment photographs allows us to critique and refine our own work.
Often referred to as a TENS ( Trans cutaneous Electro Neuro Stimulation ) device, the Myomonitor is invaluable in treating TMJ problems and in comprehensive reconstructions. A low-frequency pulse is emitted every 1.5 seconds, relaxing muscle spasms and clearing metabolic byproducts by improving circulation. This facilitates determining your optimum biting position when the muscles are at rest. Many clients who traditionally experienced moderate to severe jaw pain trying to keep their mouth open for even short visits are now comfortably able to proceed with comprehensive care that may require longer appointments.