I grew up during a time when visiting a dentist meant having a tooth extracted or filled because of discomfort and pain.  Any other treatment would have been a luxury that was not affordable for us.  As a result, during my younger adult years I had a number of back teeth extracted with no further attention given for replacement.   As years went by, with front teeth worn down and back teeth  extracted, I was very self-conscious when asked to smile to have a photo taken. Recently, a family member with a profession in the dental field, encouraged me to consider having my teeth restored, and arranged for me to see Dr. Toohey.  I was very comfortable with Dr. Toohey and found him to be very professional and thorough.  I am overwhelmed at the change in my appearance as a result of major restoration done on my teeth.  It has certainly given me a new lift on life, and I am no longer as self-conscious about giving my smile its best shot.